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As a Certified Tax Coach and Planner (CTC and CTP), Aric Schreiner, CPA, has dozens of tax planning tools that the vast majority of accountants don’t have. Easilly 90% of what he has learned in the last five years about helping people stop wasting their money on taxes is the result of this Tax Coach training. Consequently, he has performed  complimentary tax efficiency analyses for several people and found many court-tested, IRS-approved strategies that will have tens of thousands of dollars in taxes for several peoplea


Certified Tax Strategist

With so many options, we can help you formulate a plan for your future and your families.


Tax Preparation

We provide tax preparations for personal, partnership, corporate, estate, trust and gift tax returns.


Proactive Tax Reduction Planning

We use dozens of tax planning tools that the vast majority of accountants don't have.


Tax Resolution

We offer Tax Resolution and Audit Defense services through our sister company Serenity Tax Salvation, LLC.

Retirement Planning

We guide clients through financial challenges of planning for retirement.


Wealth Management

Working through the maze of an annuity, we can help you sort through the logistics.

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Why Choose Us


If you owe the IRS back taxes, penalties and interest, we can help. Many people struggling with IRS tax debt feel hopeless, isolated and embarrassed.


Compliance is important.  We have the expertise and experience to accurately prepare your tax returns. 


Implementing a proactive tax plan today will save you thousands of dollars in the future.